#WJ2019: Finding Motivation

Hello Again!

I mentioned in my last post about exercise that I had to mentally prepare myself to workout…

Though my healthier eating habits were making progress, my workout regimen was unorganized. This was due to me not knowing how to go about the workout process and lacking motivation. I would watch people out walking or jogging and think, “that’s what I should be doing” and keep driving without batting an eye. I always saw people online talking about what they do to stay in shape and never anyone that was still in progress of getting in shape. I needed to see people who were close to my size and killing the fitness game.

See: 28 Black Fitness Pros You Should Be Following on Instagram 

The article above was a great starting point for me because it showed different body types doing different types of fitness. From yoga to running to weightlifting; these gals are definitely workout goals. Naturally, I began following some of them and binging their Instagram stories and the motivation was building up – it just wasn’t quite enough yet. So, in my fitness slump, I turned to the site that always brings me joy which is Genevieve Padalecki’s Now & Gen blog. I’ve wanted to get into running for a while and at that time, she had been posting her journey preparing for her 5K race. Genevieve posted about why she runs, and it wasn’t just about being in shape. It was about the way it made her feel and how it brought back fond memories for her, clearing her head and her way of having a bit of “me time”. It helped give me a different mindset.


Before, I didn’t want to run because it just seemed tiring and I wasn’t comfortable running outside where people could see me. But now I enjoy it so much simply because I changed my reasoning. Now I use running to wake my body up and clear my own head. The result of changing your mindset about something can help you go a long way. Instead of putting a number on everything like calories burned, I focused on how much lighter in spirit and accomplished I felt once I completed my run for the day.

One other change I made was in my vocabulary. I started using “wellness” instead of “weight loss” because that what it was truly about. I wanted to be healthy and feel better, not just drop pounds; “wellness” seemed like a more all-encompassing word. It was like a pressure lifted off my shoulders because. I was associating “weight loss” with restrictive diets, jumping on the scale, and societal standards. But when I began using “wellness”, I associated it with eating cleaner, feeling healthier, improving

If you can find even the slightest bit of motivation to tap in to, take it and run with it. Remember why you started and what you hope to feel as you progress through your own wellness journey.

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